We realize that legal fees can add up quickly, so we offer a variety of fee options that address the needs and budgetary concerns of the client without compromising the vigorous representation of client.  We work to ensure that our fees and the costs of the litigation are fair, reasonable and justified. The following fee options are typical fee agreements for our firm:

Hourly Rate: Our hourly rate is determined by the type of case, the experience of the attorney handling the case and may be adjusted for volume of files. Typically a retainer is required for certain cases, but may be waived depending on the prior relationship between the firm and the client. 

Contingency Fee: A contingency fee is the usual fee option for plaintiff cases involving personal injury, property damage and collections.  A contingency fee is a percentage of the recovery made for the client, paid from the recovered proceeds and is only paid if a recovery is made for the client.  The percentage of the contingency fee is determined by type of case being handled, the chance of making a successful recovery, the venue of the case and the volume of files.  

Flat Fee: There are a number of reasons why a contingency fee or hourly rate fee may not be the best method of calculating a reasonable fee for the work provided on certain cases, which is why we also offer a flat fee option. Depending on the case, a flat fee can be negotiated to handle the entire case or a flat fee can be negotiated for different phases of the case. For an agreement for flat fees billed for different phases of a case, the case would be divided into different phases (i.e. written discovery, depositions, trial) and a flat fee would be negotiated for each phase of the case. The amount of the flat fee is determined by the type of case being handled, the venue of the case and the volume of files.

Hybrid Fee: In certain cases, our firm has agreed to fee arrangements that combine two of the fee options above. Sometimes it maybe necessary to combine a flat fee or hourly fee with a contingency fee, in which case any contingency fee collected would be reduced by the amount of the flat fee or hourly fee already collected.  If an hourly fee is combined with a contingency fee, typically the total amount of hourly fees collected is capped at a certain point by agreement of the attorneys and the client.