Our firm has significant experience in insurance defense litigation, including claims involving automobile accidents, construction accidents, premises liability accidents, property damage, dog bite injury, consumer fraud and numerous other claims filed against homeowners and business owners. We provide our clients and their insureds with an aggressive defense that is rendered efficiently, timely and cost effectively.

Upon receiving a new assignment, an initial suit report will be prepared that provides an assessment of liability and damages, the scope of work to be performed to defend the claim, strategies to be employed to defend the claim, the estimated judgment range and the settlement possibilities.  Using this initial suit report, we will work closely with the client to develop a litigation plan and budget for handling the case.  This allows for better handling of the claim as it eliminates the necessity to seek piecemeal approval of each individual activity that is expected to be performed in the usual course of litigation.  The litigation plan and budget will be amended and updated as new developments arise during the life of the claim.  The initial suit report will be followed up with regular status reports, with the frequency, content and method of report to be dictated by the client.

These cases are usually handled at an hourly rate determined by the type of case, the experience of the attorney handling the case and may be adjusted for volume of files. However, an hourly rate may not be the best method of calculating a reasonable fee for the work provided on certain cases (i.e. small claims, small property damage claims, etc.), which is why we also offer a flat fee option. Depending on the case, a flat fee can be negotiated to handle the entire case or a flat fee can be negotiated for different phases of the case (i.e. written discovery, depositions, trial). The amount of the flat fee for a certain case or phase of a case is determined by the type of case being handled, the venue of the case and the volume of files.