Regardless of the type of business you may own or manage, the need for an attorney and legal services is unavoidable. Our firm can provide the services of a general counsel or in-house attorney, without incurring the large overhead or retainer. By hiring our firm to do your legal work, you only pay legal fees once they are incurred. Services we have provided to clients in the past are collections, contract review, traffic tickets, insurance coverage issues, defense of claims, subpoena compliance, representation at depositions, registered agent and legal advice for employees.

Collections: Collections include, but are not limited to unpaid invoices as well as damage caused by third-parties to equipment or property owned by your business. Collection claims begin with a demand letter to the debtor, which is done for a flat fee.  Included in the services for the flat fee letter are settlement negotiations, arrangement of payment and preparation as well as execution of settlement documents, if necessary. If the outstanding invoice or claim is not resolved by the demand letter and the client determines it is necessary to pursue the debt through litigation, our firm will file suit against the debtor or claimant in an effort to make a recovery.  Legal services provided by our firm for claims put into suit include drafting of the complaint and summons, filing of the complaint and issuance of the summons in the proper venue, making sure the summons and complaint are properly served, settlement negotiations, responding to any issues raised by the debtor when they answer the complaint, pre-trial discovery, arbitration, trial and post judgment proceedings. Litigation services are handled on a contingency fee plus costs and expenses.  The contingency fee is determined by the venue and the volume of cases with a credit for any flat fee paid to date.  Usually, the contingency fee is increased if recovery is not made until after trial or post judgment proceedings.

Contract Review: Prior to signing any contract, it should be reviewed by an attorney.  We will review any type of contract and offer legal opinions or assistance in negotiation of the terms of the contract. Depending on the needs of the client, legal opinions can be oral or in writing. These services are usually performed at an hourly rate.

Traffic Tickets: Many businesses have employees that have to drive vehicles in the scope of their employment and unfortunately sometimes those employees receive traffic tickets. Our firm can represent employees in traffic court after they receive a ticket while on the job. Most tickets can be negotiated to a favorable plea bargain, without anyone from the business appearing in court.  This means no time off work for the employee and no delays in your business.  These matters can be handled for a flat fee or hourly rate depending on the the location of the traffic court and complexity of the traffic violation.

Insurance Coverage Issues: In the event there is an insurance coverage issue between your company and one of your insurance carriers our firm can represent your company in an action against your insurance carrier to contest a denial of insurance coverage. Whether these coverage issues are presented in a lawsuit filed by your company or by your carrier, these cases are handled on an hourly rate plus costs and expenses.

Defense of Claims: Our firm can defend any claims brought against your company that are not covered by your insurance carrier.  This includes, but is not limited to, appearing on behalf of your company in any lawsuits brought against it, representing your company in any third-party collection actions (e.g. wage garnishments brought against employees of your company) as well as negotiating the resolution of any disputed claims. These types of claims are typically handled on an hourly rate plus costs and expenses.  Small claims that are not complicated and do not involve discovery can be handled for a negotiated flat fee in order to keep costs down.

Subpoena Compliance: We can assist your company in complying with any document subpoenas that may be served upon you.  This includes reviewing the subpoena as well as the documents requested, asserting any legal privileges that may be raised in responding to the subpoena and attending any court hearings that pertain to the document subpoena. These services are handled on an hourly basis plus any costs and expenses incurred.

Representation at Depositions: Our firm can represent any current employees of your company that are subpoenaed to testify at a deposition because of something that happened during their scope of employment. This includes preparing the employees for their deposition, being present during the deposition to make sure that the employee's legal rights are not violated and that any legal privileges are asserted.  We can also answer any questions the employee may have following the deposition. These types of matters are handled on an hourly basis plus costs and expenses.

Registered Agent: Our firm can act as the registered agent for your company and accept service of process for any lawsuit brought against the company. Upon receipt of a lawsuit, our firm will forward them to the proper company representative and upon request assist in tendering the lawsuit to the proper insurance carriers.  Typically, these services can be provided for a flat fee.

Legal Advice for Employees: Our firm can provide limited personal legal advice for employees of your company that have basic legal questions not pertaining to their employment. If the issue is complex and/or beyond the scope of legal services provided by our firm, we will refer the employee to any attorney that specializes in the area of the law.  These consultation services are provided at no charge to your company or the employee.