Our firm handles automobile, property damage, homeowners, health care, workers' compensation, disability, commercial, consumer and product liability subrogation claims all over the greater Chicago metropolitan area.  We emphasize maximizing our client's recovery by the quickest means possible.  In order to accomplish this goal, we guarantee that our clients' claims are put into suit within thirty days of assignment and we advance all litigation costs. Cases can be put into suit sooner, even the same day as the assignment, if the statute of limitations is about to expire. Once in suit, every case is diligently tracked until the claimant is properly served with process. After the claimant is served, we take all the necessary steps for the claim to move promptly through the court system. This includes making sure all written and oral discovery is completed and staying in contact with our client's insureds to secure their availability for all court proceedings.  During this entire process we keep our clients apprised of all significant developments as they arise.  Depending upon the client's preference, we can communicate with them via telephone, email or regular mail.  Subrogation claims are handled on a contingency fee arrangement.

Often, counterclaims and third party claims for contribution and property damage are filed against our clients' insureds and we handle the defense of these counterclaims and third party claims on a flat fee basis, the amount of which is determined by the amount in controversy.  

Our firm also provides aggressive lien protection services. The types of liens we protect include workers' compensation liens, medical payment liens, commercial liens and disability payment liens. Services provided on these types of claims include the filing of an intervening petition with the court, participating in all pre-trial proceedings and responding to any attempts to adjudicate our client's lien rights.  Lien protection services are typically handled on a contingency fee basis.

In addition to handling our clients' litigation needs for subrogation, we often process claims through Arbitration Forums, also known as Inter-Company Arbitration.  All these claims are submitted promptly and filed electronically whenever possible. These claims are typically handled on a contingency fee basis.